About Us

Vern’s Furniture has been a strong member of the Humboldt County community since its inception in the mid 60’s as Vern’s Trading Post. Over the years, as the economy has changed and so has the way we do business, we have moved into selling new furniture. One thing that has not changed though is the fact that we have been truly family owned and operated from day one; and while we may have grown into the largest dealer of new furniture between Portland and Sacramento, we still take time to make the atmosphere here as welcoming as possible with colorful balloons placed throughout the store as well as local memorabilia decorating the walls. We pride ourselves in our large selection of American made products, as well as our sales staff’s product knowledge and attention to detail; and while we are definitely a business minded company, we try to get to know our customers personally, so don’t be surprised if we give you a bit of personality about ourselves and the unique attachment we find to everything. It’s all just a part of being involved in this small close knit community. Through it all we have never lost that old time feel, everyone is welcome to shop at Vern’s where all customers are viewed as people and not credit scores. So head on down to the corner of 5th and G St and let us find you those items that fit you perfectly, and share a few laughs and stories in the process.